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A forum for activists and observers of economic geology with the aim of achieving increased professionalism and being able to compete at the international level, as well as actively developing and exploiting mineral resources in Indonesia.

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[Logo Competition]

Hello MGEI-SC and SEG-SC student members, we invite you to showcase your talents and creativity in a logo design competition for our prestigious event ...

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[MGEI Annual Convention 2024]

Hello MGEIers, 
The MGEI Annual Convention, a leading exposition in Indonesia for the field of economic geology, a meeting where the broadest ...

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OLYMPIAR 2024 - Harmony in the Elements, Navigating Sustainable Mining Practices

Hello, GREAT Kawan Martabe!

With enthusiasm and pride, Agincourt Resources is once again presenting a grand stage for students immersed in the fields of Geology, Mining, ...

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Geology and Arc Magmatism of the Eastern Sunda Arc

The Eastern Sunda Arc of Indonesia that consists of the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa represents one of  the  most  complex  arc  magmatism  ...

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The Geology, Alteration and Mineralisation at the Jelai Gold Project Kabupaten Bulungan, East Kalimantan

The Jelai Gold Project is located 1,550 kilometres northeast of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, close to the east coast of the Province of ...

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Clause 49 of JORC 2012 and its Significance for Economic Industrial Mineral Deposits

Industrial minerals are minerals and rocks mined and processed for the value of their non-metallurgical properties. Industrial minerals are commonly classified according to their end ...

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  • Fifty years ago Geology was in its infancy; there were but few who cultivated it as a science…If an unfortunate lover of nature was seen hammering in a stome quarry, he was generally supposed to be slightly demented.
    Peter Bellinger Brodie
  • Geological age plays the same part in our view of the duration of the universe as the earth’s orbit radius does in our view of the immensity of space.
    John Joly
  • The step between practical and theoretic science, is the step between the miner and the geologist, the apothecary and the chemist.
    John Ruskin

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Forum of Indonesian geologists in the field of economic geology and mineral resource development, to achieve increased professionalism and be able to compete at the international level, who play an active role in the development and utilization of mineral resources in Indonesia

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