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At the Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT) Indonesian Geologists Association (IAGI) in Bandung, on August 27, 2008 declared a new forum under the auspices of the Geological Society of Economic IAGI named Indonesia abbreviated MGEI. The signing of the declaration made ​​by the representatives of the activist and observer of mineral and coal mining in Indonesia and witnessed by Chairman IAGI signatories represented by the Secretary IAGI period Ridwan Djamaludin and also witnessed by the Head of Geology (BG), the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, represented by the Secretary BG at the time, Jajang Sukarna.

Forum which brought together activists, especially the economic geology geologiawan engaged in mineraland coal mining business is gathered in a group named economicgeology@yahoogroups.com mailing list that started in 2007. At the time of declaration MGEI, mailist forum draws some 200 people, and has now reached more than 500 people including activists and observers of economic geology both inside and outside the country. Within the group of activists mailist economic geology frequent discussions and talks on geology, mineral deposits forming models or anything else related to the mineral and coal mining business in Indonesia, as well as matters concerning mineral resources and coal policy. Because more and more members came forth from the originator of the idea for the establishment of economic geology enthusiasts forum a more structured so that it can play a more clear in economic geology improve resource utilization in Indonesia.

They are known as MGEI Founding Fathers which lead to its Declaration


Recognizing the important role of Indonesian experts in the field of economic geology and mineral resource development enthusiasts Indonesian economy, and to achieve the increased professionalism of specialists who are able to compete on an international level, plays an active role in the development and utilization of mineral resources in Indonesia is responsible, effective and efficient for the greatest prosperity of the people,then we declare today the formation of an organization of experts and enthusiasts such as economic geology COMMUNITY ECONOMIC GEOLOGY INDONESIA, abbreviated MGEI. For ensuring the sustainability of the Geological Society of Economic Indonesia, the National Declaration will be followed up with concrete actions based on a mutually agreed mechanisms and laws of the Republic of Indonesia regulations. London, August 27, 2008

We on behalf of activist economic geology,

  1. Wahyu Sunyoto (Papua)
  2. Agus Purwanto (Halmahera/ Maluku)
  3. Iip Harjana (Sulawesi)
  4. Arif Perdanakusumah (Nusa Tenggara)
  5. Sukmandaru Prihatmoko(Jawa)
  6. Noel Pranoto (Kalimantan)
  7. Adi Sjoekri (Sumatra)
  8. Andri SS Mubandi (ITB)
  9. Mega Rosana (Unpad)
  10. Lucas Donny Setijadji (UGM)
  11. Heru Sigit (UPN)
  12. Chairul Nas (Usakti)
  13. Iwan Munajat (Perwakilan Anggota Mailing List Group)
  14. Adi Maryono (Perwakilan Luar Negeri/ Perth)
  15. Bronto Sutopo(Perwakilan Luar Negeri/ UTAS)



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