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Since 2012, the Martabe Gold Mine has had a well–deserved reputation as an industry leader in terms of safety, sustainability, and production processes. With our people at the heart of our business, we use innovative practices and the latest technologies to discover new resources and to mine, process, move and market our future–enabling products to our customers safely and sustainably. We work collaboratively with our stakeholders to enhance our contribution to sustainable development in North Sumatra and across Indonesia. And more importantly, we want our people and our communities to grow as we grow. We believe that only together we can build a sustainable future now, and tomorrow.

The Martabe Gold Mine is located close to communities, waterways, plantations and forests. Minimising environmental impacts resulting from the project is a key requirement of sustainable development and essential for maintaining the Company’s social licence to operate.

We strive to comply with and follow all the environmental management protocols that are aligned with the appropriate environmental regulations regarding pollution, water, waste, energy, and biodiversity management. Our goal is the consistent implementation of best management practices in all aspects of our operation.


The goals for environmental management at the Martabe Gold Mine include:

  • Compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations and operating permits.
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Safe disposal of tailings and waste rock
  • Successful mine closure
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Continual improvement in environmental performance


We are committed to implementing biodiversity management to mitigate impacts and positively enhance biodiversity outcomes in the area where we operate, to always act responsibly, to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible, and to develop solutions that conserve resources and protect our planet.


Biodiversity Standards, Codes, and Guidance

The approach to the management of biodiversity at the Martabe Gold Mine has been developed with reference to a range of widely recognized industry guidance, including:

  • IFC Performance Standard 6 Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources (IFC 2012)
  • Standard on Biodiversity Offsets (BBOP 2012)
  • Good Practice Guidance for Mining and Biodiversity (ICMM 2006)



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